Maxim Loskutov: Simple Portraits Exhibition

On September 16-25, 2014, Yekaterinburg Gallery of Modern Art will be featuring Simple Portraits, an exhibition of photographs by Maxim Loskutov.

Forty photographic portraits of the ‘new wave’ people who are well known in Yekaterinburg will be displayed at the exhibition. These people are media managers, artists, photographers, entrepreneurs, journalists, and ad men, the so-called trendsetters, the ones who are to shape Yekaterinburg’s business and culture agenda in the foreseeable future. They are the ones who set the rules of the game for the developing city.

These popular, successful, socially proactive models trusted the photography artist for an unusual result and gave him a chance to create their portraits.

Maxim embarked on this series in 2012 and he now has over a hundred works in his archive; these have already become a hallmark of his style.

There is pinpoint virtuosity of trying to reveal a person’s inner self, of studying their personality, and investigating their potential through physiognomic techniques behind the seeming simplicity of a photograph. Photography, psychology, a trust-based relationship that allows a person to change and leave their own stereotypes behind – all these work together to achieve a single goal: get a good portrait. For many models in the project, the final photographs proved a true revelation: they saw themselves differently.

Maxim Loskutov has got his own unique style and his own vision, so there is more than the apparent austerity that meets the eye: the many layers of meaning in every work accentuate the model’s inimitable personality. These portraits have something to offer not only to those who are depicted in the photographs but definitely to the general public as well.

Those who know the models personally are presented with an opportunity to see their acquaintances differently; the rest of the visitors can study the masterful way in which the photographer treats human emotion and get their own impressions.

For more information about the photographer, read here:

1. Maxim Loskutov. Portrait Photography as a Way of Human Interaction (in Russian).
2. Simple Portraits.
3. Announcement on the Simple Portraits Exhibition on Yekaterinburg Gallery of Modern Art website (in Russain).
4. Photographer’s website.

Maxim Loskutov: Simple Portraits Exhibition

Maxim Loskutov: Simple Portraits Exhibition

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