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Photographer Alexandra Ryapasova presented an interesting visual experiment to the public (далее…)

Hercules Papaioannou: Roger Ballen’s work seems to be an investigation of the self

Hercules Papaioannou, curator of the Roger Ballen’s exhibition «Shadows of the mind» (далее…)

Sara Saudkova: Perfectness and flawlessness is boring (18+)

Sara Saudkova, a well-known Czech photographer, kindly answered my questions (далее…)

Portraits & Glasses As a Personal Story

Stereotypes may well be what they are – an exaggeration, but still, glasses on someone’s face are always associated with a particular memorable and important visual story (далее…)

A Chinese Wedding in Prague

If you only come to Prague for a few days (далее…)

Photo to 3D: A Photographer’s Business Tool

I’ve already posted this piece on set.a.light 3D®, a handy application (далее…)

Giuseppe Scozzi: Russia has indeed a huge growth potential

Giuseppe Scozzi, CEO Federation of European Professional Photographers answered my questions (далее…)

Maxim Loskutov: Simple Portraits Exhibition

On September 16-25, 2014, Yekaterinburg Gallery of Modern Art will be featuring Simple Portraits (далее…)

Marina Romashina: Open up to the unknown while you are young!

Marina Romashina, a fashion model, agreed to answer my questions for an interview (далее…)

Fetish aesthetics in fashion photography

Vogue Russia April 2011 issue served as a starting point for this article: its cover featured a fashion model wearing a collar (далее…)

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